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Pharmacy First
Access prescription medication directly from our pharmacist without seeing your GP for Ear infections, Impetigo, Infected insect bites, Shingles, Sinusitis and Throat Infections and UTIs in women
Repeat Prescriptions
Use our convenient online ordering service on your phone, tablet or pc. Get Reminders, Order 24/7, We keep you updated.
Free delivery service
We offer a free delivery service
Blood tests
We offer blood testing for a range of health conditions
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If you collect your prescription from a pharmacy, we can save you time by arranging for your GP to automatically send your prescription to Alexandra pharmacy
Flu Vaccines
We offer flu vaccines, click here to book yours now!
Covid - 19 Vaccines
We offer Covid vaccines, please click here to book yours now
PCR Test
We offer PCR Test, click here to book yours
Travel clinic
We offer Travel clinic servces, click here for more info
Order via your phone, pc or tablet.
We Keep You Updated
No more getting our engaged tone! We keep you updated with the progress of your order so you don't need to call us if you don't want to.
Sexual health
Alexandra Pharmacy can help you undertake blood tests that indicate the presence of any sexual transmitted infections. If you feel you have been exposed early testing can help with the possible treatment and prevent any infections from passing on.
Ear Wax Removal Service using Microsuction
If you are experiencing any kind of hearing issues, Alexandra Pharmacy can help. Whether your ears feel blocked are you’re dealing with any other type of hearing concern, our specialist team are here to assist.
Minor Ailment Clinic
We can provide Prescription Only Medication with out the need for a prescription from your Doctor Our trained pharmacists can provide you with a safe and comprehensive consultation and depending on its outcome we can provide certain medications without the need of a prescription.
Womens Health Clinic
Alexandra Pharmacy provides discrete appointments for specific women’s health conditions.
UTI (Urinary Tract Infection) Clinic
Alexandra Pharmacy can provide Macrobid Capsules without the need of a prescription after a consultation with our trained pharmacists.
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No need to order when we are open. Order your items wherever you are, whenever you need, 24/7.
We Keep You Updated
No more getting our engaged tone! We keep you updated with the progress of your order so you don't need to call us if you don't want to.
Blood Pressure Check
This service is a free NHS consultation from your Pharmacist, who will check your blood pressure and advise you on healthy lifestyle changes
Contraception Service
If you have a question about your contraception, need a repeat prescription of your pills or want to start on the pill for the first time, we offer the new Pharmacy Contraception service.
Alexandra Pharmacy
We are an independent NHS Community Pharmacy serving the people of Harrow.
Alexandra Pharmacy
Welcome to Alexandra Pharmacy
Your Local Community Pharmacy Thank you for visiting our site. Alexandra pharmacy is an Independent Community Pharmacy, conveniently located between Rayners Lane, Harrow, North Harrow, Northolt, and South Harrow. We are a family run business, with the owners originating from Rayners Lane bringing a real community feel to the pharmacy. Having such connections to the local community, we as a team want to help deliver the most innovative and beneficial services that pharmacy can provide.

We have a wealth of experience in delivering award winning services that are now very common in all pharmacies around the country. This is the reason we are offering a FREE HEALTH MOT as part of our new stewardship. (link to book appointment). After the recent events throughout the world, health is at the primary focus of all our communities. That’s why we are offering FREE BLOOD PRESSURE, GLUCOSE, CHOLERSTEROL AND BMI checks to ensure that you are in good working order.

We can then provide advanced private blood testing to really provide a comprehensive screening process. We provide a full and comprehensive set of private services where this may be convenient. Visit our services page to see a comprehensive list and book an appointment.

Our owner has provided travel and private blood services in some of the most prestigious clinics in the country and wants to bring level of service and expertise to his local community. Thank you for all your support. We feel independent community pharmacies are essential to the social fabric of all communities around the country and we strive to provide the best service to aid you on your health journey.
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190 Alexandra Avenue
Greater London
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